Algae Body Wrap - A detoxifying and slimming seaweed body mask enriched with iodine and minerals to stimulate your body’s own elimination process. Experience our Algo therapy ritual whilst immersed in a warm seaweed cocoon 60min


Red Grape Wrap - Rich in antioxidants, this delightful warm red grape wrap with its truly delicious aroma helps ease muscular tension while vitamins A and E restore vitality and balance 60min


Sea Salt Glow Exfoliant - An invigorating full body exfoliation utilising sea salts and essential oils to leave your skin revitalised, smooth and perfectly finished with a generous application of body balm to hydrate and soften. - This treatment may also include a Vichy Aqua Shower at an additional cost. 35min


Vichy Aqua Shower - Using a series of shower heads, a cascade of water will massage and sooth the entire body, your stress and tension will literally wash away. Your Vichy Aqua experience includes an aromatherapy and sea salt exfoliant coupled with a full body massage for complete relaxation. A powerful and holistic water therapy treatment with healing benefits, physically and spiritually that leaves a sense of renewed energy and vitality for days after. 60min


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