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Collagen  Bed

Red Light collagen anti-ageing brings about long term improvements in your skin and restores its youthful strength. It takes time for the structure of your skin to improve so there are no instant results. However you are likely to feel your skin becoming softer and smoother after just a few treatments.


Once you are near the completion of your treatment sessions you will notice:

Skin is plump, elastic and supple

Small lines reduced 

Swelling and dark circles around the eyes reduced

Wrinkles over your entire body reduced

Stretch marks reduced 


You may also notice:

Age spots, broken capillaries and acne scars reduced

Cuts and scars healing

Joints and deep muscles loosening

Casual Session - 12min | $35 (Course x10 $250 or x20 $400 or x30 $500)


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