At SkinSense, radiant, beautiful and glowing healthy skin is what we can create for you. We select the correct products for your skin, leading edge technology and exceptional customer care to ensure the best results for even the most sensitive skin 

Bespoke Skin Correction Facial ( Created by SkinSense ) - A powerhouse facial delivering four treatments in one for outstanding anti-ageing results. Skin is intensely hydrated, reformed and restored. RESURFACE – An advanced deep exfoliation to eliminate congestion. STIMULATE – Initiating collagen growth and transforming skin. CORRECT – A powerful infusion of active ingredients to target cellular ageing. REJUVENATE – The power of LED light therapy to improve the health of your skin. 90min


Skin Energy - Maximum impact in minimum time. 30min


Skin Balance - Calm, soothe and restore PH balance. 45min


Skin Vital - Replenish moisture and plumpness. 60min


Skin Vita C - Reversing UV sun damage and targets pigmentation. 60min


Skin Rivage - For dynamic regeneration and first line of defence against ageing, treats pigmentation, firms and restores radiance. 60min


Skin Rezenerate - The Rezenerate Nano Facial plumps and firms with nanotechnology for unparalleled absorption of active ingredients. 60min ( Course of 2 $349 or 4 $659 )


Skin Dermabrasion - Reveal a brighter, smoother, more lustrous complexion. 40mins ( Course of 3 $239 )


Skin Planing - Dermal planing to gently remove dead skin cells and ‘peach fuzz hair’ leaving skin smooth and vibrant. 45min


Skin Firm & Lift - The ‘Natural Facelift’, lifts, tightens & sculpts to improve skin tone. 45min ( Course of 3 $239 or 6 $429 )


Skin Bright - in Your skin is bathed in light that plumps the deepest skin layers for glowing skin, also used to calm sensitive skin & alleviate acne. 60min ( Course of 3 $219 )


Skin Collagen Induction Therapy - Dramatically improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring and pigmentation. A popular treatment for age management. 60min ( Course of 3 $699 or 6 $1299 )


Skin Resurface - A gentle peel to remove the top layers of the epidermis revealing a refined softer appearance. 30min


Skin IPL Rejuvenation - IPL for sun damage, red veins & blemishes, proven & safe treatment for rejuvenation & correction. 30min ( Course of 3 $219 )


Skin Consultation - A thorough assessment of your skin. 30min


Brow Shape


Lash Tint


Brow Tint


De Stress Eye Treatment


Specialised Mask




Skin Resurface Peel




Healing Light Therapy


High Frequency




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